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Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. Introduces
Kyna Marie Photography

January 22, 2012

Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. is proud to introduce Kyna Damewood (left) of Kyna Marie Photography as the official photographer for Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. and Magnum Wines International, LLC. Kyna comes to us with years of great experience and a keen eye for catching the essence of all we do for our suppliers, distributors, retail and restaurant customers, as well as wine fans. Please say hello to her and visit her at

Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. Goes Mobile

July 25, 2011

Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. has released, a new website that is fully functional with any mobile browser. In addition to their main website,, launched in February, not only opens a way to connect with more wine consumers, but also offers a QR code to bring consumers directly to the site when scanned by their smart phones.
Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. represents highly rated wineries worldwide. "We are very excited about our progress on connecting to an ever- changing industry," says Van Potts, owner of Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. "We believe we can brand ourselves as a world class provider of full service marketing and sales experts for the wine trade. As consumer purchasing habits change, we continue to invest in the technology which targets those expanding demographics. This new site, created by our Operations and IT Manager, Ashley Olbrys, gets information into the consumers’ hands."

Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. will maintain a leadership position ahead of other full-service wine marketing and sales companies and invest in its people and technology.

Scan this code with your smart phone to be brought directly to the mobile website.

Our Future

Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. is committed to adding value to our suppliers’ business. That means focusing on fundamentals:

*  Opening, selling and maintaining new distributors and accounts

*  Opening, selling and maintaining new DTC sellers.

*  Understanding, selling and driving our suppliers’ flagship product

*  Understanding, driving and managing our clients’ Channels and Channel Management

If that means the Company needs to add human resources to better manage a particular market or markets, than this is what will be done. Our intention is very simple: To help our supplier partners build cash flowing, cash producing machines.


During my 17 years in the pharmaceutical business, I witnessed and observed the very same market forces and changes happening in the wine business today. The primary difference between the two situations is that the pharmaceutical business, surprisingly, had much less regulation at the point of sale then the alcohol beverage business. And, the majority of the laws regulating the pharmaceutical business were federal in nature where as the adult beverage business laws are predominantly dominated by state regulation.

During consolidation, the major forces that conspire to change the business are those of managing costs, visibility and ultimately, brand management. Costs become critical to all parties involved and especially the wholesalers and retailers. As the world “shrinks” by way of the internet, retailers will focus on brands that are profitable for them. Wholesalers will be forced ultimately to carry less merchandise in warehouses due to the competitive forces in the retail market place. As inventory is shrunk, vendors must be changed or discontinued in favor of brands that can turn faster.

Finally, the very survival of the producing winery will be largely dependent on the supplier’s ability to manage the brand and brand image in the market place. Due to the extreme pressure exerted by large, consolidated suppliers, wholesalers will be forced to deal with a “tied house” mentality and they will be forced to commit to volume on “manufactured” brands as opposed to brands shepherded by traditional growers.

This is where the vacuum exists for smaller bands.

In the pharmaceutical business, I had the opportunity to work for the largest ophthalmic pharmaceutical company on Earth and during that tenure, I helped build a nationwide broker network to work closely with regional managers. I see many similar forces at work in the wine business and in fact, some forces that can present even more significant challenges. I chose to believe Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. can be a partner in building and maintaining a brand.

-Van Potts