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Don Juan del Aguila


Don Juan del Águila is a co-operative effort founded in 1956 by the growers of the town of El Barraco in the province of Avila. Daniel Ramos has taken Don Juan del Águila to a whole new level. New energy has been injected into the bodega along with new vinification practices, vineyard management advice to the growers with a growing focus on natural grape growing, and very importantly, the creation in 2009 of the brand 'Gaznata'.

Gaznata has now become a hit internationally, and is all about Garnacha...the Garnacha from El Barraco, grown among the rocky granitic crags of the Gredos Mountains, up at between 900 to 1,100 meters above sea level. The Gaznata Rosado rocks as well, with just a little more structure that you might expect from a Rosé. Daniel has convinced some of the viticulture belonging to Don Juan del Águila to focus on quality, and very low yields allowing for the birth of a few small production batches of oaked, single vineyard Garnachas that go by the name of the vineyard.

Don Juan del Águila is a thriving hub for many of the Gredos area's up and coming winemaking projects, as the producers are sharing equipment, space, and ideas within the walls of the co-op. They all contribute to the upkeep, bringing the co-op into a new age benefiting from a true sense of co-operation in the Gredos Mountains of Avila!