Champagne Jacquart

The history of Champagne's Maison Jacquart is that of its men and women, first and foremost. The strong position it holds is no doubt a thank you to its 1,800 winegrowers, representing the Jacquart mosaic in its natural state. That is why Jacquart cultivates a youthful spirit, combining audacity and inventiveness, a spirit of conquest and openness to the world in the creation of its cuvées and in its development as a company. Floriane Eznack, house oenologist, is the one who embodies its spirit and is responsible for the winemaking. Floriane is compelled by her talent and she represents a sign of the changing times.

Since the day it was founded, Champagne Jacquart has boasted sophisticated winemaking equipment and research facilities, and it owes it to itself to keep up with cutting-edge techniques. The identity of House Jacquart is profoundly rooted in the land of Champagne, in its hilly landscapes and villages. Young as it may be in Champagne history terms, thanks to its 1,800 winegrowers, Jacquart boasts a terroir as vast as it is unique, covering more than 5,000 acres, to shape its wines with a very contemporary elegance. 

Champagne Jacquart Awards


Jacquart Mosaique & Vintage Collections

Champagne Jacquart is one of the most prestigious and awarded Champagnes to come out of France. Every year, the brand has added to its amazing array of accolades.