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We Build Unique Brand Parnerships

Today, gaining “share of mind” in the market place and on consumers’ dinner tables has never been more challenging. Consolidation means that large corporations with very deep pockets and often businesses that aren’t directly related to wine, such as spirits, have become a major part of the business landscape. Large distributors have many brands, lots of spirits and a great deal of pressure to deliver cases. Additionally, they have many tools, courtesy of large corporations eager to gain “share of shelf” as opposed to selling “wine with a sense of place.”


Preston-Layne & Partners, Inc. was created to help our partners gain share of mind in the market place. The key difference between us and other professional sales agents is that we work to understand your “30,000 ft” wants, needs and desires for building your business and strive to work toward your goals. In other words, it’s more than a “case goal,” it’s a market management goal with objectives and goals set for long term growth.

Our overall objective and goal is to understand our supplier's need and objectives. Again, building a solid foundation is of primary importance