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When we formed Preston-Layne & Partners we knew we didn't want to be just another wine broker. We wanted our clients and customers to be our partners in building the brands we chose to represent.

Through those unique partnerships, we strive to gain share of mind in the market place for our brands. The key difference between us and other professional sales agents is that we work to understand your “30,000 ft” wants, needs and desires for building your business and achieving your goals. In other words, it’s more than a “case goal,” it’s a market management goal with objectives set for long term growth. 

Today, gaining “share of mind” in the market place and on consumers’ dinner tables has never been more challenging. Consolidation means that large corporations with very deep pockets and often businesses that aren’t directly related to wine, such as spirits, have become a major part of the business landscape. Large distributors have many brands, lots of spirits and a great deal of pressure to deliver cases. Additionally, they have many tools, courtesy of large corporations eager to gain “share of shelf” as opposed to selling “wine with a sense of place.”

Preston-Layne works closely with our partner wineries and distributors to place, position and market your wines for the best opportunities to gain and maintain that share of mind. We want your wine, your winery, your distributorship, your wine shop or restaurant, no matter how large or small, to succeed, because when you succeed, we succeed. 


importing wines that wine drinkers love

As Preston-Layne began to grow, we recognized a need to bring great wines from other countries  into the U.S. for people who love good wine at affordable prices from all over the world. During a trip to Spain in 2011, we were exposed to so many wonderful wines that we wanted to share back home. We wondered, "What would the new generation of wine drinkers love to drink? And how can we find unique wines for seasoned wine drinkers who know what they like?" 

And just like that, our importing arm, Magnum Wines International, was born.

At Magnum Wines International, we not only travel the world to find wines that are ready to export to the United States, we're also directly involved in blending and creating the very wines we know our customers want and demand. We spend a tremendous amount of time and energy creating and searching for exactly what you want. Consider us your personal import manager. As we grow, we invite you to join us on our journey.

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